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If you are a parent, guardian, or student

visit this page to nominate a teacher.

Josh and Judy Weston established the Judy Weston Awards for Inspired Teaching in 1991 to celebrate Montclair Public School teachers who stand out as creative, talented, supportive, and inspiring! Today, the awards honor Judy's memory. Judy was a long-time Montclair resident and public school education supporter who was passionate about the vital role that engaged and empathetic educators play in helping every student achieve their full potential.

New this year is the Peer Inspiration Award, which will be given to one teacher who exhibits exceptional dedication to uplifting and motivating fellow teachers. The award will honor an educator who serves as a mentor, role model or source of inspiration; who shares wisdom or best practices; and who leads by example and fosters a culture of growth. This award celebrates an educator who exemplifies the spirit of collaboration, a passion for teaching, and a commitment to elevating excellence among their colleagues and in their school.  

The recipient of the Peer Inspiration Award will receive a cash award of $2000 and will be celebrated at a public event on June 12, 2024. 

All nominations are due by Friday, April 5, at midnight.

Who is eligible to receive this award?

Any current tenured MPS teacher is eligible. (If you are unsure if your nominee is tenured, please nominate them anyway.  Their status will be confirmed through the review process, and all teachers will receive a copy of any nominations they receive, regardless of their eligibility.) 


Who can nominate a teacher for the Peer Inspiration Award?

Any current MPS instructional staff can submit a nomination. (Administrators cannot submit nominations.) You may nominate as many current MPS teachers as you like, but only one nomination per teacher. 


​What goes into a nomination?

An experienced teacher can inspire other teachers in many different ways. The nomination form will ask you to share your personal experiences with how this teacher: 


  • Fosters a collaborative and supportive educational community

  • Champions a culture of growth and innovation

  • Demonstrates effective teaching practices

  • Demonstrates passion and dedication


Help the reviewers see what you see! Provide specific examples and enough information to illustrate how this teacher meets the criteria and deserves recognition for inspiring other teachers. 


How are the winners selected?

All nominations are reviewed anonymously by a selection committee made up of local education professionals and retired teachers. The selection committee will look for evidence that meets the criteria listed above.


After the selection process is complete, all nominated teachers will receive copies of their nominations.

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