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Volunteers are integral to our organization.

Take a look at the many opportunities and contact us if you want to learn more.

Become a Navegador/a!(“Navigator”). MFEE recruits and trains Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking community members to support familias. Navegadores can be matched with an individual familia to provide one-on-one holistic support - with everything from helping parents navigate the online portal, to attending meetings with teachers and counselors, to connecting parents to health, housing and food resources. Navegadores who aren’t matched with a familia participate in other ways - building bridges with other community programs, sharing expertise in their fields, and participating in community-building gatherings and workshops to nurture self-advocacy among las familias. 

Become a tutor. Through Entrenadores Escolares (for middle and high schoolers) and Oruguitas (for K-5th graders) students get much-needed social connections, academic support, and educational enrichment. The after school programs couldn’t operate without our adult and teen volunteers who help students with homework, test prep, and core skill development in English and math. The students' needs are dynamic and change over time - tutors do not need to have specific academic aptitudes. What is most important is patience and an encouraging approach to supporting the students! 

Become a volunteer driver.  Our students can’t get to and from the after school program without the help of volunteer drivers.  There are many options for days and times - you provide the car and friendly face, and MFEE takes care of the rest!

Contact us to learn more about the many ways you can support MFEE and our schools. 

Help with events and fundraisers

MFEE runs several events each year, and we are always looking for energetic organizers who can co-lead initiatives! We also need plenty of worker bees to help carry out tasks, so anyone interested in being involved in fun community-building events is encouraged to get involved.

Photographer / Videographer

We seek volunteers who can snap good photos and/or film and edit short films that highlight MFEE’s work and promote MFEE’s events. We invite novices, amateurs, and more-experienced volunteers - anyone with an iphone and a willingness to learn can create a decent short film for us!


While MFEE has some staff capacity to lead marketing and communication efforts, we welcome additional volunteers with experience in these fields to suport our work. We welcome graphic designers, writers, people with social media marketing experience, and all-around creative thinkers to help us sustain creative marketing campaigns for our appeals and our events.

Grant Liaisons

We seek volunteers to serve as liaisons to our teachers and shepherd them through our grant process. Liaisons help teachers transform their ideas into viable grant proposals that fit within MFEE’s guidelines. We provide training to all of our liaisons!

Documenting Grants in Action

We seek volunteers to help us consistently document the work of our grantees in Montclair public schools. We’ll assign you to however many projects that you can cover, which typically involve a short time observing students in classrooms as they participate in one of the projects that we have funded. Volunteers will snap a few photos or some short video, possibly conduct a very brief on-the-spot interview with a student or two and/or the teacher and craft a brief social media post or write up that we upload to our website. We will train you and accompany you on your first assignments!

Administrative Help

MFEE has some staff capacity to lead administrative work, but we welcome volunteers to help us complete data entry projects, mailings, ordering/processing of grant materials for our teacher grantees, among other tasks!

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Get in Touch


Thank you!  We will reach out to you soon.

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