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What we do

For over 30 years, MFEE has served as a learning lab to cultivate a thriving educational ecosystem that nurtures all 6,000 Montclair public school children. Your donations don't just buy materials and support programs. They seed a strategic enterprise that is centered on teaching kids holistically and well.

Removing Barriers

A thriving educational system for all requires equitable practices that remove barriers to learning and meaningfully participating in our school community.

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Nurturing Educators

Teachers are the single biggest school-based driver of student achievement. MFEE is piloting ongoing professional learning experiences with professional coaches addressing specific content areas. MFEE continues to fund grants to fuel teacher creativity and innovation.  Nurtured, engaged teachers = nurtured, engaged students.

Supporting Mental Wellness

Students cannot learn when they are not emotionally well.  MFEE in collaboration with Partners for Health is supporting JED High School.  Annually, MFEE grants social and emotional learning grants to staff.  Additionally, MFEE is working with Mental Health Association of Essex to pilot initiatives to support younger children.


Connecting Community

A thriving public school system is the bedrock of every community.  Through partnerships with other local organizations serving students and families, as well as relationships with businesses and community leaders, MFEE strives to cultivate community partnerships to leverage additional resources for our schools.

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