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The MFEE Amazing Fundracer is BACK for the 5th time, and the QUINTessential Race is one you won’t want to miss.

The MFEE Amazing FundRACER is a mini-version of the competition show Amazing Race - minus the $1 million prize and the worldwide travel. Our version is just as exciting and more impactful. The funds raised from this community event benefit all 6,500 Montclair Public School students!

The first 3 Amazing FundRACERs featured teams of 2 on bikes, racing around town, but last year, MFEE opened the race up to larger teams in cars - and cars are back!  

Check out these recaps of the last two races!

Contestants complete AMAZING challenges at a series of undisclosed “Challenge Stations” to earn clues that point them to the next stop. Teams will be eliminated as the race progresses, building to a climactic final challenge between the top four teams and a heated sprint to the finish line.

Amazing FundRACER FAQs

How do I enter the race?

Find up to 5 friends who are free on the afternoon of Sunday, May 21st - and who are ready to have some fun together! Race as duos, trios, quads or squads. Tap your neighbors, your coworkers, or your family!  MFEE will ask you to create a team name, write a short blurb about who you are, and upload a team photo. 

What do I need to race?

You will need a car.  Teams will also need to raise $750 to qualify. And of course, a little bit of competitiveness and a sense of humor are also helpful!

Do I need to be a resident of Montclair?  

NO! We welcome anyone who’s ready to have a great time and raise funds for our schools.

How athletic do I need to be to participate? 

This is a test of wits, good humor, and patience more than athleticism. It’s not a Spartan race. You do have to get from point to point, and you will have to navigate through challenges quickly, but many challenges will ask for 1 or 2 participants, so you can capitalize on one team member’s memory skills or another member’s physical ability.  Hint: diversity is your secret weapon. 

Will every team that enters be allowed to race?

The first 50 teams that enter and raise $750 will be on the roster! Let’s go!

Is there an age limit or requirement for racers?

There are no age requirements this year!

How do we raise the $750?

Each team will have their own team page where they can collect online donations. MFEE helps create the pages, and we “market” the teams in the broader community. Teams do an excellent job of inviting friends/family to support them. Our teams consistently blow us away with their ability to raise significant funds for our schools!  Worried you don’t know enough people to raise $750?  MFEE will make sure each team gets the love they deserve!

Can my company match donations?

Absolutely!  MFEE is registered with multiple matching platforms, and company matches can be counted as part of your team donations.

What if my team raises more than $750?

You earn coveted Leg UPs!  For every additional $125 that you raise, you’ll get a LegUP - a special coin that buys you a clue, an advantage, or an opportunity to gently sabotage another team in the race.  While you can’t buy your way to victory, a few LegUPs can give teams a nice boost!

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