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Each fall, MFEE awards grants directly to our schools. These grants are awarded in three categories: Educational Excellence, Social and Emotional Learning, and Professional Development.  The three categories all share the same goals: to foster classroom innovation, empower our educators, and boost the learning of Montclair students. 

Bradford Grants at Glance

Super Duper Publications for Bradford Students in Speech-Language Therapy Activity Balls For PE Classes (in partnership with the PTA) Math Manipulatives Engaging Online Subscriptions/Platforms Classroom Materials and Flexible Seating Social Thinking Curriculum Materials Math Manipulative Mania Document Camera Classroom Pianos (in partnership with the PTA) Enhance Student Learning physically, emotionally and academically Flexible Seating Cultural Heritage Decorations Orton Gillingham Decodable Readers Diverse Decodable Books & Multi-Sensory Sight Word Cards 3-Panel Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard Room Divider SEL Curriculum - Zones of Regulation materials. Life Skills & Pre-vocational Items Enhancing My Decodable Library for Struggling Literacy Learners The Surf Portable Lap Desk - Alternative Seating Diversifying Classroom Libraries Books to support SEL and Diversity Self-management and self-awareness through flexible seating choices The Surf Portable Lap Desk SHAPENJ Professional Development On-demand coursework offered through FTF Behavioral Consulting 2023 NJ Music Educators Association State Conference Multicultural & Inspirational Posters for the Classroom - Meditation for students Social Thinking Pragmatic (Social) Language Intervention Model Social Emotional Learning books for Students in the ABA Classroom. SEL BooksZones of Regulation and Social Thinking Enhancing Reading Workshop: Make Best Use of Explicit, Systematic Phonics, Small Group (Grades K-2) Magnifying Glasses Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping Calm Connect: "calm the nervous system and build a bridge to the social world" DIstance Learning using Kami Diversified Classroom Library Storyworks for Grade 3 Enriching Students Lives with Book Chat All Hands on Deck for Math and Science! Art Room Ipads Book Chat Books and seats Flexible Seating for All Book Chat Let's Read Together Mythology Unit Taking Stem To The Next Level With Legos Dedicated to Diversity: Increasing the Diversity of Children's Literature in Our Classrooms Skillstreaming for Social Skills Teachers Undoing Racism Now (TURN) Self-Regulation & Social Thinking Curricula Sounds Sensible- A Phonological Awareness Program for Struggling Readers Mindfulness Fundamentals 2020 Annual Conference Motivation, Mindset and Grit: Practical, Proven Strategies to Increase Learning Intervention Strategies, Tips for Math Coaches, & Differentiated Instructional Math Strategies Reducing Recurring Classroom Behavior Problems: Best Practices to Reduce Classroom behaviors, Boost On-task behavior & increasing learning ISTE Annual Conference Diverse Children's Literature in the Classrooms Star Power - Use & Abuse of Power, Leadership & Diversity Civil War Diorama Who Was Book Library Grade Level Graphic Books Art Room IPads Big Buddies program Text to Life Connections: Learning Social and Emotional Skills Through Literature Bob Books- Early Decodable Readers Bradford ELA Grade 5 Community of Inquiry through Literature Journey Across America: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Geography, Math, Science, and Writing Social Studies/Science Books to enrich curriculum Sensory Solutions for an Inclusive Classroom Flexible Seating for 3rd grade Books to Boost Early Literacy Skills for Children who Struggle Flexible Seating in Technology Lab Individual Dry Erase Boards for Skills Lindamood Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing PD Workshop Smart But Scattered: Executive Dysfunction at Home and at School PD Workshop (2 Teachers) Books That Heal Kids Social Emotional Resource Heat Up Learning with Kindle Fires 2nd Language Learning Through Videomaking Listening Libraries: Gateway to Rich Literature Ipads Beyond the Screen - Making the Most of Osmo Software Strengthening Auditory Memory and Sequencing - HearBuilder! Storage Pouches Build Organizational Skills Literacy Intervention Materials Books for 5th Grade Book Groups Take a Break Box - Materials to Help Kinder Students with Fine Motor Skills & Managing Emotions Gaga Court: School-wide equipment to engage all Physical, Strategic & Collaborative Play

Buzz Aldrin at Glance

MIDI Keyboards for Music Production Under desk pedals Online Video Editing for Enhanced Learning: Embracing Modern Digital Tools Dance Sound System Enhancing Video Production Quality & Learning Experience with DJI Osmo Gimbals Steam Garden Refresh Light Diffusers for Flourescent Lights Lunar Lounge3: Emotional Exploration Space Enhancing Student Engagement in French Science Supplies Buzz Aldrin ‘Every Story Matters 6.0’ Poetry Slam Subscription to browser based notation resource called "Noteflight Learn" Winter Performance Robotics Gear Deck the Stalls Reading Touchdown Buzz Aldrin ‘Every Story Matters 5.0’ Poetry Slam Multi-Camera Production for Advanced Video Projects, Performance Critiques and Feedback Cordless / Headset Mics Creating a More Culturally Responsive French Classroom Science Supplies Test Review Buzzers Yearbook Club cameras Flexible work stations Believe it or not? A Student’s Guide to News and Social Media Literacy Mindfulness for Middle Schoolers Buzz Aldrin ‘Every Story Matters 4.0’ Poetry Slam Breakout EDU- Engaging Games to promote complex critical thinking and collaboration skills. Standing Desks to Promote Focused Learning Literature to Celebrate our Heritage and Diversity On Stage! Continued Investments in Cordless Headset Microphones for Theater Dept Earth Science Classroom Maps to Enrich Instruction Core Samples and Climate Change - Professional Instruments for Tree Study Buzz Staff Self Care Initiative: Mindfulness Training Professional Development Training:: Access, Choice, and Time: How to Create Attentive and Critical Readers Professional Development Training: Teaching Poetry to Transform Thinking About Writing Professional Development Training: Creating the IPA and Preparing the Way Start with Hello: Make the Difference with the JLine Dance Experience for the Entire School The Reading Bowl! Obstacles & Teams Phys. Ed Game Equipment The Just Dance Reading Corner El Escape Loco (The Crazy Escape) Breakout EDU Kit Short Stories Storytellers Fiction and Non-fiction series On Stage! Microphone and audio equipment Two year subscription to Social Studies Current Events Magazine Multicultural U.S. History Library Reading Adventures in French and Spanish Lestor Horton Dance Movement and Teaching Techniques PD Worksop The World is Our Pond: What Will Your Ripple Be PD Conference Content Driven Design Challenge PD Workshops for Science Staff Le Petit Prince et les Planètes - Interdisciplinary Study of French Literature and Science Inspiring & Aspiring Readers Breakout EDU: Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Complex Problem Solving in All Content Areas Science World Current Event Magazine Digital Photography - Projecting Student Photos! Get Graphic! 1 - Unlocking Students’ Writing Potential Through Study and Creation of Graphic Arts Novels Get Graphic! 2 - Unlocking Students’ Writing Potential Through Study and Creation of Graphic Arts Novels Every Story Matters 2.0: A Youth Poetry Slam for Buzz Aldrin Middle School Students Lighting Up the Middle School Energy Unit! Updating Middle School Fiction and Nonfiction Trade Books Bringing Chemical Reactions to Life: Exploring Types of Chemical Reactions Habitable Structures on Mars - Materials for Architecture Course Study

Charles H. Bullock
Grants at Glance

Cozy Reading Corner Engaging Literacy Tools CHB Productions Math on the Move Flexible Seating Grief Kits Decodable Library Zones of Regulation Curriculum; Social, Emotional, & Self-Regulation Tools for Children Flexible Seating Osmo Activities in the Second Grade Hands on Math Classroom Learning Library Space Ukulele Grant (in partnership with the PTA) Diverse Books as Mirrors and Windows for Every Student Exploring Electronics, Gizmos and Gadgets STEM Buddies Build a diverse, multicultural library relating to STEM (Math) Making the Classroom Racially, Culturally, and Inclusive We Are Family Upcycled Paper at the Green School Creating an Elements of Social Justice Library Fraction/Decimal Tiles for All of Our At-Home Learners Fraction Manipulatives Enhancing Live Instruction Remote Learning Fraction Kits Time for Kids Math Manipulatives Enhancing Live Instruction Perfection Learning "Open Heart, Open Mind" Library Stimulating Social Studies Texts Math Life Classroom Library - Diverse Books Alternative Seating for Students Turtle Vivarium Flexible Seating Options for the Classroom Stand Up Desks for Students in Special Ed. Resource Room Peace Corner High-Interest & Hands-On Science PD Seeing Stars Symbol Imagery for Phonemic Awareness, Sight Words, and Spelling Standing Tables for 5th grade (2 grants awarded) STEAM Resources Expansion Sensory Strategies and Safety We Stick Together alternative Social Skills Games for Students with Sensory Needs Creating Digital Comics in the Classroom Play and Learn - Materials to Leverage Play for Learning iTime Puzzles Stand Up for Math - Standing Desks to Increase Student Focus Flexed and Focused Classroom - Range of Alternative Seating to Increase Focus Breathe and Stretch to Reboot Developing STEM Resources All Abuzz About Programming - Equipment to Teach Coding Using Emotes to Encourage Pro-Social Behavior Books for our West Africa study and Social Justice initiative Diverse Audio Books Omnifix Cubes Standing Desks Flexible seating MudWatt Microbe kit - Discover the POWER beneath your feet! Read-Along Sets Standing Desks for First Grade Classrooms Active Seating in Resource Rooms

Edgemont Grants at Glance