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Passion. That’s the common attribute of those who work for MFEE.  We are passionate about the value of a public education - not only to the individual students that our schools serve, but also to the community that our schools nurture.  We need creative, energetic - and yes, passionate - people to join our team!

Current staff openings

Current staff openings

MFEE is currently hiring a part-time Program Coordinator for Navegadores EscolaresClick here to apply.

Accredited internships for college and university students

Accredited internships for college & university students
Masters of Social Work students
Teaching, Education, and Counseling students

MFEE hosts college and university students for fieldwork and placement requirements.  Below are some examples.  If you are interested in learning more about fieldwork and placement opportunities, please contact us.

MFEE hosts first- or second-year Masters of Social Work students as they complete their fieldwork requirements.  Typically, first-year students provide critical program support, develop people-facing programs, and support indivudal students and families.  Second-year students, with fieldwork supervision from their school, work directly with students and families, develop and run group activities, and collaborate with MFEE's partners.

Students who are pursuing a degree in education or related fields can participate in range of MFEE programming to fulfill course requirements.  MFEE partners with Montclair State University and other local institutions to design placements that are meaningful learning experiences.

AmeriCorps and other funded internships

Through a partnership with Montclair State University, MFEE hosts MSU students who are part of the AmeriCorps program.  If you are a current MSU student and are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact us and/or visit MSU's Center for Community Engagement

MFEE may also be eligible to serve as an internship host for other federally-, state-, or locally-funded volunteer programs.  Please contact us if you are applying to or are engaged in an internship program and are interested in learning more.

Montclair High School community service

MFEE welcomes Montclair Hight School students to help with a variety of projects, including data entry, grant material inventory/labeling, photography, and event support. Because our offices are located inside Montclair High, it's super easy and convenient to get those much-needed community service hours right after school! Contact us to learn more.

AmeriCorps & other funded internshps
MHS community service
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