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  • Erin Madigan White

MFEE, MHS PTA Collaborate for Culinary Arts

Updated: May 6

What’s the secret ingredient to quality education in Montclair? Collaboration.


After flooding from Hurricane Ida damaged stoves in the culinary arts classroom, and limited budgets made it difficult to replace them, MFEE and the Montclair High School PTA teamed up to purchase four! We're grateful to MHS principal Jeffrey Freeman for championing this important program.


“One of the strengths of the Montclair Public Schools is the depth and breadth of educational experiences available to students. We’re pleased to work together with our PTAs to ensure students and teachers in our district have the tools they need,” said MFEE Executive Director Masiel Rodriquez-Vars. “This is a tried and true recipe for success.”


We can’t wait to see what teacher Pamela Wright and her students cook up.


MFEE’s ability to fill unmet needs in our district depends on community financial support. We raise critical funds through events such as our Amazing FundRacer, a mini-version of the competition show Amazing Race, and our Toast to the Teachers, a Montclair tradition of family-hosted parties honoring educators.

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